We’re a team of developers, designers, product managers and quality assurance engineers with a passion for solving the complex business challenges faced by startups, government entities, academia and enterprise-level clients with custom software applications.

Custom Application Development

Full-stack API-based web applications built in Node and React to serve your startup, help run your business, or solve your gov or edu challenges.

Mobile App Development

Cross-platform iOS and Android development built using React Native helps reduce costs while maintaining quality so you can be wherever your users need you.

Product & UI/UX Design

Plan for the product your users need with collaborative product workshops, front-end interface and user experience design, and everything in between.

QA/Application Testing

Ensure quality code with US-based application QA, bug reporting, user acceptance testing, documentation writing, and automated front-end test crafting. Learn more about our QA offering, CarbonQA.

Healthcare Software Development

HIPAA-compliant apps for healthcare orgs and startups, medical device apps, and public/behavioral health projects, at scale.

DevOps Infrastructure Consulting

DevOps expertise to configure or optimize your cloud hosting environments. Fluent in AWS, Terraform, Ansible, and more.

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