What makes our custom software shop tick?

100% in-house development, testing, and design, along with over a decade of experience building for the web.

Who we are

Synapse Studios is the result of two entrepreneurs who found each other almost by chance. After an introduction by a mutual friend in 2003, Chris Cardinal and Bob Eagan met and quickly realized that their passions for web development and running a business were one and the same. Within two months, they had registered as an LLC and landed their first client.

“How Can We Make This Better?”

Our company mission lies in building creative solutions to complex problems, software that scales, and bringing together people who absolutely love what they do for a living.

We Build Complete Web Solutions.

What we do

We take a “full-stack” approach to web application development. Everything is planned, designed, architected, coded, and tested completely in-house. We’re sticklers for detail and love a good challenge. We build applications the right way: with data and business logic separated from the front-end, user-facing components. This is enterprise-grade, industrial-strength application development, and we have the processes and practices to do it.

Built to scale

Our software is built to scale to millions of pageviews and users, while taking advantage of cost-effective cloud-based hosting solutions. We build solutions that are highly performant, a delight to use, and easy to modify down the road, as requirements change.

Why choose us

Choosing a team that’s easy to work with and who understands you and your business is important in any relationship. When you’re talking custom software, it’s absolutely critical. You need a partner that can anticipate your needs, ask the right questions and always be thinking several steps ahead. We develop with every aspect of your application in mind and we pride ourselves at being very good at thinking of something you may have missed.

We build trust

Our values are simple, but they drive how we work every day: always act in the (actual) best interest of our clients, always act transparently and honestly, and always try to help in any way we can. You can count on us to give it to you straight, and to walk you through the rationale behind our advice.

We build unity

Our shop is the perfect size, too. We’re big enough to have serious practices and processes, and the staff to stand behind what we produce. But we’re not so large that we’re over-encumbered with middle management and extra overhead that can cause miscommunications and higher costs.

We Don't Just Build Software, We Build Relationships

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