Case Study

Healthier Seniors through Technology

SilverSneakers was a household name for the fitness-conscious-over-65 crowd for several decades when parent company Tivity Health approached us to partner with them to develop their first consumer-facing mobile application. Armed with years of deep understanding of their customers' unique needs, we worked closely with internal teams at Tivity Health and with their customers to design and build a companion app for iOS and Android devices to extend the brand beyond its core offering of access to fitness locations across the country.


Industry First Fitness App Designed For Seniors

The SilverSneakers customer is an often underserved one in the mobile application space, with very few existing mobile application solutions designed with the 65+ age demographic in mind. With extensive brand equity built over decades of the program being offered to millions of Americans on Medicare, the application had to have a more complete feature set at launch in order to match the high expectations its customers have of the company. These two challenges paired together meant we had to plan for exactly the right set of features designed in a way that their customer base would find useful and find designed just for them because it was.

4 Part Solution


User Testing and
Data Driven Design

With over 3 million SilverSneakers-eligible customers across the country, we had the unique opportunity to make decisions on what the app should do and how it should work by asking the individuals who would be using it. This approach allowed us to prioritize features deemed most valuable by the end user, and based on their technology preferences, we were able to leverage user interface elements from other technologies they used regularly to make design decisions that felt familiar and fit easily into their lives.


Usability and
Interface Design

The principles of strong mobile application design for this population are best practices for all, so when designing the interfaces for the SilverSneakers GO mobile application, we were able to take existing design standards and apply them in ways that kept the interface uncomplicated, focused, and pleasant to use for anyone. With that in mind, we also tailored the user experience for the needs of our user-base by upholding high accessibility standards and guiding them step-by-step throughout the flows of the application.


Gym Companion

Not only did the application need to feel like it was designed for this customer, but the SilverSneakers brand is synonymous with health and fitness so there had to be features built into the application from day one that supported this brand promise. Based on member feedback, customers expected a certain set of features including health and fitness programs they could follow along with at home or at the gym, tailored to the unique needs of the SilverSneakers member. We worked with SilverSneakers-employed master trainers to design workout programs built into the application that offered the customer opportunities to modify any exercise based on its intensity, while still following along with the program's designed objectives.


Tracking, Logging, and Progressing

The SilverSneakers member is active and mobile and it came through loud and clear that there was a strong desire for a single place that members could log all of their activities, whether or not they involve taking a SilverSneakers class, visiting a participating location, or continuing their fitness journey from home. We added several features to the app that allow the customer to plan out their workouts, track workouts done anywhere, or even add reminders to their calendar to keep them on top of their fitness plan. Every event added allows the customer to provide some feedback and how their feedback has been trending over time in their activity history.


Real-World Feedback:
Overwhelmingly Positive

With the SilverSneakers GO app available on both iOS and Android app stores, the app has received tens of thousands of downloads, has more than 4 stars on both stores, and continues to receive positive feedback from the company's extensive customer base. The app continues to be refined, improved, and expanded upon with an ongoing partnership with Tivity Health and with the great customer input we continue to receive every day.


Don't Just Take
Our Word

Boby B.

Absolutely love this app and this program. This app has helped motivate me to start working out 6 days a week instead of the 4 days a week i was doing prior....

Cynthia P.

This has changed my life , I was sitting in my house day after day once I started working out I had a purpose. I go every day except Sunday

Jesse H.

I would like to thank you for having a service like this,i live with back problems,knee,legs also working out really helps me get threw the pain so thank you..

Karen J.

User friendly and efficient with assisting me in keeping up with my activities. Luv it😘😘

Debra D.

Love this app! I've only started using it but so far it's the best one I've ever used. So easy and user friendly. I love that it includes workout videos right within the app. Helping to get this 60+ year old body in shape! Thank you!

Patti B.

This app is awesome!! Easy to navigate and very user friendly.

Jana L.

Great app & very easy to use. I'm excited to keep up with my progress as I go to workout & going to my different locations.❤️😍🤩

Lydia R.

Love it. It has a lot of info. I love that you can do exercise alone or in group classes. it offers a lot more. Thank you

Carol B.

Love how it is organized. Very helpful to me in keeping me on schedule and providing information.

Thameka B.

It's a simple and easy to use fitness app for all ages, fitness levels, and tech abilities. And it includes multiple options that make utilizing ur S.S. benefits, a snap! *Quick access to ur digital S.S. card for facility check-ins *Easily sarch for S.S. facilities and save favorite locations *Schedule and log workouts, receive reminders and even invite other S.S. members *Plus, access to numerous pre-set exercises, workouts and programs, via audio or video clips.

Bill S.

Keeps me focused on exercise and goals. Great at finding Silver Sneakers locations. Significant exercise videos and exercise levels. Great app.

Stanlèy T.

This app is very helpful. If you looking for a place to go to and get into physical condition or you can't make it to a gym don't worry. This app will help you live healthy lifestyle and get you to the perfect gym. Enjoy this app.

Lois R.

This App is awesome and really keeps me on track with my workouts. I like how easy it is to use and enter my workouts for the week or month. In a way, it's keeping me accountable for my exercise regime!

Darren R.

The SilverSneakers Go is a AWESOME way to keep our motors going! I am so grateful to still be here and glad that Humana is taking care of it's members with programs like this. Here's to getting healthy and making new friends along the way ;)

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