Native Mobile App Development

Native Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development Framework: React Native

The world of mobile application development has as many approaches as there are apps. At Synapse Studios, we’ve developed our approach to best suit our clients’ needs in a way that allows for their mobile applications to build off of the desktop experience using React Native. This framework allows our expert developers to use web development-style programming to build applications using elements of the mobile device to optimize performance and enhance the mobile experience for a seamless interaction. Shared skills with web development means your web and mobile team can be the same team.

While framework is important in the selection of your development firm, the most important considerations for your application happen elsewhere. From payments and user acquisition, to customer engagement, mobile applications are complicated and can quickly cause skyrocketing costs with little-to no return.

We bake into our process considerations for payment structures, user acquisition, communication and retention strategies, design considerations for a mobile user, and more to ensure your business goals are being met while keeping the user’s needs in mind. Apple and Google app stores also require in-depth understanding of requirements for each, and we help navigate this process with our clients to ensure as few hiccups as possible with getting your application in front of the right audience.

With over 4 million apps now available in both the Google Play Store and Apple App stores, it’s often expected that a mobile experience be developed by companies in order to gain and maintain customers and keep them happy. Continuously delivering new functionality, maintaining health and stability of the application, and staying on top of the latest OS improvements to ensure your user’s experience continues to evolve and improve are just some of the demands of today’s mobile application users. This kind of agility requires a high level partnership with your development team to keep sight of business objectives while continuing to deliver value to users.

Looking for a development partner with a solid track record of solving complex user experience challenges? Contact us early in your discovery process and we can help you find the right team for your needs.

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