Growing companies often find themselves at a crossroads at some point in time where the decision to hire a CTO and build an internal technology team becomes a necessity, but it doesn’t always mean this is the right decision for everyone.

While the prospect sounds attractive, bringing on an internal development team is an exhausting experience that can yield unexpected results. Generally, growing companies need ongoing development resources and someone to handle complex, architecture decisions to help the company scale but these skills aren’t often found with the same individual.

As a part of every project we take on, we offer as-needed consulting from our senior and management staff that can, in many cases, be used as an interim or ad-hoc CTO for needs ranging from investor pitch meetings, business planning purposes or simply to advise on major technology decisions that will affect your business for years to come.

Unsure if you need to bring on a full-time resource? We can help advise there too as there are always cases where a CTO does make sense and we can even assist in placing someone in this role. Having gone through this experience ourselves many times before, we know how challenging of a task this truly is.

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