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UX/UI Design, iOS & Android Development

If you’ve ever lived at an apartment complex, you might be familiar with how frustrating it is to find parking for yourself or your guests. For some apartment complexes, parking issues are among the top three resident complaints.

Zark was founded by a team of veteran apartment developers who understand first-hand how troublesome parking-constrained properties are for residents, guests, on-site property staff, and owners. Constructing additional parking spaces at existing properties is cost prohibitive and the Zark team knew that there must be a better way.


We understood from the onset that this product needed to be easy to use for all parties involved.

  • Residents needed to be able to seamlessly reserve parking spaces near their unit
  • Property staff needed to be able to manage their complex’s parking inventory without it being a burden
  • Property owners needed the confidence that partnering with Zark would be a smooth and cost-effective onboarding process that truly solved the parking problems at their complex


We knocked it out of the Zark.

Zark is quickly expanding into apartment complexes and residents couldn’t be more excited that their parking woes are a thing of the past.

The Zark team has been a joy to work with and we’re continuing to build new features that will set them apart from others and enable them to scale.

The feedback received from residents, guests, on-site property staff, and owners is overwhelmingly positive. Don’t take it from us, see what people are saying about Zark!



"Our residents consider parking to be one of our properties’ most valuable amenities. Zark Parking has provided us with an affordable, quick, and convenient way to offer residents a parking solution, and our communities are happier for it!"

Mike Clow, Greystar Real Estate Partners – Executive Director, Real Estate

"The Zark Parking app is probably one of the best features this apartment complex has to offer. It’s really easy to use and really solves the problem of not enough parking space for the residents."

Marcos Ayala - Resident

"I’m a little peeved this app wasn’t developed sooner. All the times I played merry go round trying to find one open spot! So excited to have this for when family and friends come over too. What a great concept!"

Ashley Nestor - Resident

"Implementing Zark at our community couldn’t have been easier. It’s a very hands-off tool for the management team which was an important piece when considering Zark."

Sarah O’Daniel - Regional Property Manager

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