When our client, PayGround, came to us with a powerful claim to fix the broken healthcare bill paying process we were thrilled to take on such an important challenge together. Given their depth of experience in the medical payments space, PayGround was able to demonstrate that something as simple as sending money to pay for a service often leads to a confusing process, unnecessary calls, returned checks and a lot of frustration and hair pulling by patients and their families. Because there's no standardized way to pay for visits and procedures, one hospital visit may result in paying multiple doctors with multiple bank accounts and accepted payment methods. Simply put, the process is painful and the people at PayGround committed to ease the pain of paying medical bills by offering an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile application that streamlines the entire medical bill paying process.

The Challenge

The client was looking to launch its first-ever consumer-facing MVP mobile application to support its complementary new service offering and sought Synapse for assistance in developing the native application for iOS and Android devices. In collaboration with a UX design firm and the client’s own backend development team, we had to work collaboratively and rapidly to develop the product and launch on time and on budget.

Our Solution

Simple by Design

The PayGround app was designed to take the guess-work out of paying healthcare bills with a no-nonsense user interface that focuses on how little you have to use it, not how much. Simply follow through selecting or adding a provider, enter the patient details, and select a payment type and the app handles the rest so you can do more important things.

Uncomplicating the Process

With so much variation of payment methods accepted and degrees of technical sophistication present in healthcare, PayGround set out to simplify the process and so did we. We worked collaboratively with the client to uncover user needs, system requirements, and company goals to continually align the product roadmap and delivery plans for a coordinated and successful beta and launch phase.


Designed to be HIPAA-compliant, Synapse worked closely with internal and external resources to ensure compliance of protected information was considered at every stage of development. By partnering with compliant and robust third-party technology solutions such as Plaid and incorporating features such as multi-factor and biometrics authentication we were able to move quickly to deliver powerful and secure features and functionality.

The Result

Since launching its MVP into the market at the end of 2021, the application is now live in both iOS and Android stores and received positive early feedback. As a part of the launch, a powerful user analytics tool and feedback suite was implemented so the client can gauge and manage customer sentiment and feedback as the product evolves over time.

Our partnership with the PayGround team was received with overwhelmingly positive feedback (they extended their contract with us at one point due to their satisfaction with the team) and even indicated to us they plan to incorporate some of the processes they learned from us as their own. We wish them nothing but success in the future with this and other products and hope to one day work with them again.

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