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Introducing Golf Ball Fitting to the Golf Industry

Like many other innovations they’re responsible for in the golf industry, PING came to Synapse to help them bring their proprietary custom golf ball fitting technology to market. Together, we launched PING’s Ballnamic golf ball fitting tool that promises to level up anyone’s golf game. Using custom aerodynamics modeling, simulation technology, and PING developed algorithms used to test virtually every ball on the market annually, fittings can now be performed with accurate matches based on the golfer’s individual driver, iron, wedge, and putter preferences.

Current Driver Distance
223 yds
Current Driver Height
140 yds
Current Iron Carry
146 yds
Current Iron Roll
140 yds

Optimizing the Golf Ball Trajectory Algorithm

Historically, golfers have made golf ball selections based off recommendations from friends or based on loyalty to certain brands. Just like any other aspect of the golf game, there are so many variables that play a role in the physics of a golf ball flying through the air and how it will affect any one individual’s performance. Over the years, PING had developed a model that charts the custom path each ball travels, considering when and how someone plays, and had rigorously tested this model to produce a Tour-inspired algorithm ready for broader use outside the walls of the business.

Bringing Golf Ball Fittings to Market

Synapse and PING worked together to craft a web application that allows golfers and fitters alike to supply game metrics such as current ball used, temperature and altitude of play, ball speed, and others to receive a custom ball fitting report. The are tailored to the player with recommendations designed to increase the customer’s performance in key areas specified during the fitting.

Tailor your results

Tailor your results

Key golf ball stats at your disposal

Key golf ball stats at your disposal


  • Over 29,000 players have completed a Ballnamic fitting from the comfort of their own home
  • Over 7,000 Ballnamic fittings have been performed by a professional fitter
  • Launched originally in 2021, adoption of the Ballnamic fitting tool has continued to grow as it becomes an important extension to PING’s ecosystem of cutting edge fitting tools

What do Ballnamic users think?

I’m impressed and pleased with the results and for that reason I now play a different ball than I did before the Ballnamic fitting.

Ryan Heiman, Founder — Independent Golf Reviews

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