While trutankless pioneered the concept of tankless water heaters, we pioneered the software that makes them usable for families, businesses, and the company itself


Advancements in home automation were on the rise and Bollente Inc. was on the cusp of the industry’s growth with its tankless water heater offering. However, the water heater needed to do more than just take up less space in the home, it needed to bridge the gap between owner and installer by making it fully-automated and smart enough to anticipate its usage; saving precious time, money and water in the process. Imagine waking up in the morning to a shower that’s already warmed to the ideal temperature, without wasting a drop? Or being able to self-diagnose a problem and signal a plumber who’s already on the way to repair it before you’re even aware of any problem? With trutankless, you no longer have to imagine.

The Challenge

The needs of trutankless were two-fold. Initially, they needed an application that allowed customers to fully manage their units through setting water temperatures and schedules, while monitoring usage. Additionally, the company quickly learned that its network of installers and plumbers needed to be made searchable by the public, but also manageable by the company as it rapidly expanded its reach across the country.

The Solution

To help Bollente best manage its inflow of installation requests and match them to the most appropriate installer in his or her service location, it quickly became clear that a fully-custom CRM solution was needed to even begin to manage the demand for the product. The lead management system we developed allowed for incoming leads to be captured, assigned and managed entirely within the application based on matching criteria and location-data of the incoming lead. Installers were then given an opportunity to follow up with each lead directly to compete for their business. This allows for minimal overhead by the Bollente team and encourages their network of partners to assist in marketing efforts and attracting and retaining customers.

Additionally, a custom application was developed that communicated with registered devices, allowing homeowners, builders and landlords to monitor water and energy usage through data visualization, control water temperatures and set limits on temperature and usage all from a desktop or through the mobile application. The application also communicates regularly with the tankless water heater unit to report and issues and send diagnostic reports to the installer of the tank, prompting a service call before most homeowners were even aware of a problem.

The Result

Within days after launch, the trutankless team was seamlessly managing an incoming flow of new customer inquiries thanks to the help of their dedicated sales and marketing teams, allowing installers to quickly reply to requests and schedule consultations and installations. In the stagnant plumbing industry, this innovation helped land the company several media opportunities and bring a much-needed technology boost to the industry. Additionally, the company sold over 1,000 units its first year on the market and has been awarded 36 patents, inclusive of the technology that allows it to communicate with external devices such as mobile phones.

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