Hotel booking sites are a dime a dozen. So when Hotelogical came to us with a concept to offer hotel bookings through commercial partners as a part of comprehensive benefits programs, we were up to the challenge.


The Hotelogical team was looking to shake things up in the hotel booking industry by offering a premium platform for members-only access to some of the best rates available for top properties across the world. With exclusive partnerships, a leadership team with a proven track-record for running successful businesses and deep hospitality expertise under their belts, they had the right background for the challenge and just needed the platform built to bring all the pieces together.

The Challenge

The hotel industry runs on tight margins, relying on a high volume of sales to stay afloat. To best squeeze into the already crowded hotel booking space, Hotelogical sought to go after the underserved market of working directly with large companies and employee benefits providers to offer hotel bookings as a part of a company perks program.

The Solution

Due to the nature of the negotiated partnership with the API-based available rooms feed, rates were required to be fenced behind a login screen for customers to view prior to booking. To ensure the best experience for corporate customers, we developed a booking engine that was customizable to each partner organization that signed up with Hotelogical. Complete with payment processing and reservation management, customers were able to find some of the best rates available, while offering employers and benefits providers unique revenue sharing opportunity to encourage loyalty.

The Result

Within a few months of launch, the Hotelogical team has since onboarded dozens of corporate partners, thousands of members and generated hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue in bookings all processed by our software. The aesthetics of the website have been lauded by other industry professionals and the Hotelogical team has even been able to expand to hire full-time sales staff to work exclusively off of our application.

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