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  • Contracting
  • Ordering
  • Auditing Case Management


The healthcare surgical implant supply chain faces very real obstacles to delivering innovation to its patients that result in better health outcomes. This complex system of hospital staff, device manufacturers, and insurance payers requires as long as 18 months to approve safe, innovative new products for use in surgical operating rooms helping patients to live fuller lives.

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Solving the complex healthcare surgical implant procurement process through deep understanding of challenges throughout the supply chain

Not only is this process extremely complex and time-consuming, it also represents a significant source of revenue for the healthcare industry. These qualities make solving this problem very appealing to the market yet difficult to execute. Helia was up for the challenge.

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Helia approached us with a bold solution to the problem that would take grit, dedication, and years to solve and were looking for a partner to help turn this dream into reality.

A collaborative partnership that’s led to tremendous results

In a highly collaborative partnership, we worked alongside their team of extremely knowledgeable subject matter experts, directly observed real surgeries, and worked in close contact with healthcare staff to design an elegant and powerful SaaS platform, Helia Connect, aimed squarely at solving this important problem.

We worked closely together to design iterative features, test market acceptance, and have adapted the core product along the way to develop a product that ultimately facilitates the flow of accurate orders within a healthcare setting.

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To test this solution with real customers in a real healthcare setting, the Helia team secured a pilot facility to operate with Helia Connect in place to measure its effectiveness. After measuring a baseline of frequency, accuracy, and time required to settle payments after a surgery occurs, the pilot facility operated with Helia Connect for 4 months.

After the pilot had concluded, the Helia team was able to observe a reduction in order errors down to nearly zero, representing significant operational expense reductions for all parties involved.

The sky's the limit for an ongoing partnership

Through the tireless efforts of the Helia operations team and a long-term technology partnership between our companies, Helia is poised for tremendous growth and market opportunity in an important sector of the healthcare market.

In addition to providing Helia with ongoing product development services, we continue to work in close alignment to advise on how to best operate and organize for scaling product-led growth including ongoing full-staff workshops, coaching, and training in outcome-based roadmap development, OKR development and management, and scaling development and product operations.

Helia includes an admin portal and a mobile application.

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