Complicated and cumbersome small business loan applications became a thing of the past through our collaboration with Credibly


For small and medium-sized businesses, getting funding can be a long and arduous process. Credibly recognized the need for a quick and easy alternative to traditional bank loans, and developed an online application process that can result in business owners receiving funding within 48 hours of approval. With a reputation for stellar customer service, they needed a revamped loan application process that best reflected the company’s award-winning values.

The Challenge

User-friendliness was the key to Credibly’s revamped loan application experience. We needed to take a fairly involved and complex process of applying for a small business loan, and make it as easy-to-use as possible. Their customers also needed transparency on the loan application process to maintain trust the company had worked hard to build within the industry.

The Solution

In conjunction with Credibly’s internal development team, we worked closely to develop a friendly, modern interface that integrated with the company’s existing underwriting and loan management software. Building out the front-end of the application allowed us to focus on ensuring the customer experience was intuitive, friendly and simple to use. Through usability sessions, real small business owners were even given the opportunity to weigh in and provide feedback on the process and the experience using it to help shape the final product.

The Result

Both of our teams worked in lockstep with one another to deliver a resulting piece of software that was was as beautiful as it was functional for their customers.

Client Testimonial

"Synapse partnered with Credibly at a critical point in our growth, and did a phenomenal job to build out our consumer facing digital platform, in time, under budget and with excellent quality. For a fintech company, a customer facing digital platform is a mission critical capability that we needed to get right, and we were fortunate to have Synapse as our partner!"Kevin Brown, Head of Product & Marketing, Credibly

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