Senior DevOps Engineer

We need a DevOps professional to run our infrastructure org, and manage our AWS, Terraform, and CI/CD work

Job Description

We're hiring a full-time Senior DevOps Engineer role.

As we’ve grown, we’ve continued to work with clients with higher availability, scalability, and reliability needs. Our team has done an admirable job configuring and maintaining their AWS environments thus far, but we’re hitting a point where we need someone to help us take DevOps to the next level. We host nearly everything for our clients on AWS, with an occasional Firebase project.

There is a leadership aspect to this position so we’re looking for a candidate with strong communication skills who can keep non-technical decision makers in the loop about important infrastructure capabilities and risks, and the ability to establish and champion a strong devops culture within our organization. To that end, this role will be working towards a goal of enabling project teams to run their own systems. We want this role to develop tools and practices, and even training, that will allow our teams to grow, monitor, and scale themselves, while at the same time offering advanced support if and when a system’s needs outpace the experiences of the people running it.

Skills & Requirements

To that end, we’re looking for someone with deep experience with AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, CI/CD pipelines and who understands how to set up and participate in an on call schedule.

Everything we do is in-house. We own the whole software development lifecycle, including product design, architecture, front-end dev, API dev and architecture, a dedicated QA team, and devops and continued support.

While we're working remote and plan to offer that option permanently, we have a lovely office in Tempe, Arizona as well that you're welcome to work out of when comfortable. US-based candidates, only, please.

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